About Me

Raina Cheng

Raina Cheng is a foodie globetrotter. She writes restaurant reviews and local travels guides by day and works as an Analytics Consultant by night for a multinational outsourcing corporation. (Mid-shift kasi!)

She travels around the world with her family every summer and has been to more countries than you can count on your hands and feet, including South Africa, Central and Southeastern Europe, North America, and most of Southeast Asia. (27 countries at the age of 26. Ako na talaga!)

She spends practically every weekend exploring the rest of the Philippines, and has found solace in beach camping and star-gazing. She loves meeting new people and sharing her experiences with others, so she started this blog.

During her spare time–and yes, she still has some–she watches TV series, mostly science fiction and fantasy. Her next biggest dream is to publish her own fiction novel, only second to waking up some day with superpowers. Her greatest fear is having to go through a zombie apocalypse unprepared.

View my food journey on Zomato!

View my food journey on Zomato!