Quaker Smart Heart Challenge: Manage Cholesterol and Heart Disease

According to a recent study done by the Food and Nutrition Research Institute (FNRI), 50% of Filipinos today have high cholesterol. The latest statistical analysis states that the average age of people with high cholesterol is getting younger, which means being 25 years old doesn’t make you exempted from high cholesterol.

Heart disease is usually linked to diabetes or cholesterol. Heart disease is not curable but can be controlled. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can reduce the risk of heart disease. One way is to avoid high cholesterol.

When asked about the cause of high cholesterol, Dr. Rodney M. Jimenez of the Philippine Heart Association says that it’s 80% genetics and 20% diet.

Heart Healthy Diet

Clinical nutritionist Jake Brandon Andal prescribes the Heart Healthy Diet. It includes vegetable, fruits, and soluble fibers like oats and wholemeal which reduce LGL. Oats are a vegetable protein. Amino acids that vegetables contain prevent absorption of cholesterol.

Jake Brandon Andal, Rodney Jimenez, Kay Paras, Dr. Rodolfo Florentino
Jake Brandon Andal, Dr Rodney Jimenez, Kay Paras, Dr Rodolfo Florentino

Soluble fiber expands in your gut and takes up space. Replacing your carbs with soluble fiber can also aid in weight management and impede the issues that come with it. Some patients have been known to reduce their mass in half.

Take note that some fruit are fleshy and contain a lot of sugar, such as mangoes and melon. However, if the fruit is crunchy and not as sweet, then it’s high in soluble fiber and contains more water. Some examples would be watermelon and cucumber.

There is no bad food. It becomes bad when we have too much. Having too much rice which has high carb content can cause cholesterol to shoot up. Diversify your diet. Incorporate other carbohydrate sources like oats and grains, which are processed less.

How much fiber should I take?

Vegetables and other soluble fiber come in different mass and density. How do you know if you’re taking enough? There is such a thing as vegetable deficiency, but it is not normally measured or checked. For example, fiber in a cup of boiled spinach could be equivalent to 2/3 cup of oats. It is recommended to take about 24g of fiber daily. However, try to eat as much of it as you can.

Oats will not deplete cholesterol. Your cholesterol level will be brought down and maintained at your natural level which is about 45mg per dL.

Will diet alone reduce cholesterol?

Stay away fast food. Exercise more. It’s not just about diet. Physical activity can mitigate high cholesterol. Our lifestyle and society today keeps us busy sitting down, thus resulting to fast food and lack of exercise.

Another mistake people make is that they compensate the diet and exercise with other vices like alcohol and smoking. Zero smoking and zero sugary beverages can prolong your life.

While the diet can help control cholesterol, it is not an alternative medicine. You still need to take medication if you have a high risk of stroke, especially genetically obese people who have hypertension.

Why Quaker Oats?

Quaker Oats is the #1 oat brand in the world. Established in 1877, Quaker Oats has stood the test of time for over 140 years. Known for being the least processed oats, Quaker takes pride in not using any genetically modified organisms (GMO) and having the highest standard of quality. All the Quaker Oats in the Philippines are imported from Quaker’s mills in West Australia.

A clinical study conducted in 2017 showed strong evidence that Quaker Oats have a positive effect against cholesterol. Done among Asians and Indians, 70g of Quaker Oats was introduced in their diet for 30 days. The study proved a reduction in cholesterol by 80%, and a reduction in LDL by 12%.

Quaker Smart Heart Challenge
Quaker Oats Smart Heart Challenge

Quaker Smart Heart Challenge

Quaker Philippines launches the Quaker Smart Heart Challenge this 2020 to help reduce cholesterol and prevent heart disease among Filipinos. The challenge involves taking 2 scoops of Quaker Oats daily for 30 days. #QuakerSmartHeartChallenge

Step 1: Buy Quaker Oats and scan the QR code at the back of the packaging.

Step 2: Log-in to the Quaker Facebook Page (@QuakerOatsPhilippines) or visit the Quaker Website. Register online nationwide through their 24/7 online chatbot in Facebook.

Step 3: Receive the pre-blood test voucher to qualify for a free cholesterol check-up in Hi-Precision or in Quaker Booths.

Step 4: Receive the 30-day starter kit and begin your month-long journey. Take 2 scoops of oats per day. Check Quaker’s Facebook Page for recipes.

Step 5: Win amazing prizes when you complete the challenge. Promo runs until April 30, 2020.

Quaker Smart Heart Challenge
Quaker Chatbot Registration

Quaker Oats Recipes

In terms of recipe, most people are unaware that oats are actually quite flexible. It can be both savory and sweet, a main course and a dessert. You can literally replace rice, flour and expensive quinoa with oats! Check out some of these tasty recipes that incorporate oats into any meal!

Nadine Tengco, Quaker Smart Heart Challenge
Neri Naig, Nadine Tengco, Nadia Montenegro

Blogger Moms Nadia Montenegro and Neri Naig were joined by lifestyle coach Nadine Tengco. The women tried out a quick recipe for microwavable Jar Oats with coconut sugar, chocolate, banana and nuts, which only take 3 to 5 minutes to make.

Sustainable Change in Lifestyle

Lifestyle change entails changing habits, which is just a to-do list. Permanent change requires a shift in your belief system and who you are, not just what you do. You can’t just do stuff in fear of becoming something you don’t want to be or or fear of a disease. “When you go to sleep, you forget that fear and wake up the next day having forgotten why you were doing it.” Nadine urges us to find our “why” or our purpose in wanting to change, and challenges us to be the better version of ourselves.

Quaker Oats Recipe
Choco Banana Breakfast Oats Jar

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