Upcoming Events in Australia You Should Visit with a Girlfriend

Australians are a fun nation, and they like to spend holidays on a grand scale. That is why the country hosts a variety of festivals – they can be dedicated to food, art, different people, and anything else. Check out some of these top events in Australia!

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Sydney Australia

1. Soundwave Music Festival 

For all music lovers, a visit to Soundwave, the largest music festival attended by celebrities from all over the world is a must. While the festival is held annually, there have been cases of cancellation due to different circumstances. There are a lot of other music festivals held in Australia, so if you want to listen to your favorite singers live, then it is worth following the announcements of all events.

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Music Festival

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2. Chinchilla Watermelon Festival 

A quarter of all the country’s watermelons are grown in this city. Residents of the city are proud of their achievements and, therefore, decided to hold a festival of watermelons. Australians from nearby states and the city come to Chinchilla in February to become part of this watermelon frenzy. On this day, absolutely everything that can only come to mind is done with this berry – they throw watermelons, smash them, create works of art from watermelons, and, of course, enjoy the taste of this popular berry. For fans of literature, readings are held on the watermelon topic, athletes use watermelon cores instead of skis, and strong people try to crush the watermelon with their hands.

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Watermelon Festival

3. Ginger Festival 

The next food festival is dedicated to spices. In January, in Australia, a festival of ginger is held. This holiday can rightly be considered a real culinary frenzy. First of all, here you can try many dishes with this seasoning, as well as just have a good time outdoors. Masterclasses in cooking, various tastings, author’s cuisine from famous cooks – any gourmet will like the festival. The organizer of this extravaganza of taste is a company that processes ginger plantations. The next extravaganza of taste takes place in the city of Melbourne in April. For a nominal fee of $20, you can try the cuisine of different nations and tasty desserts from the best restaurants and pastry chefs.

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Ginger Festival

4. Festival of Lights 

This is another enchanting event in Sydney.  This is a complex of exhibitions, installations, and various shows. For almost a month, Sydney turns into the brightest city, and more than 150 lighting designers are attracted to create festive light objects. Enchanting light performances are based on ethnic motives, works of Australian artists, poets, musicians. A huge number of tourists from all over the world come to the festival. It is unique that works of architecture, such as the Botanical Garden, the customs building, the Maritime Museum, and others are involved in creating light performances.

Sydney Light Festival

Visiting such events allows you to study the people as well as possible, to find out their views and preferences. During celebrations, people are always more friendly – it is easier to start a conversation with them. Only festivals give the most complete picture of musical and gastronomic preferences, behavior in certain situations. But it is important to know the rules for visiting holidays. For example, how to behave in a particular case, what is accepted, what outfits are prohibited, and which, on the contrary, will allow you to get closer to the people. Thus, people around you will not condemn you but will gladly help you, take a picture, or tell you how to get to some place.

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