Locally Superfruits: Fruit Some Super In You

What are Superfruits?

Superfruits are nature’s super healers because they’re packed with nutritional benefits and flavors so you can “fruit” some super in you ever day! Locally Superfruits are made with natural nutrient-rich fruits sourced locally from farms in the Philippines. Blended and made ready to drink, Locally Superfruits Juices help Filipinos fight toxins and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Locally Juices are brought to us by NutriAsia.

Locally Superfruits
Locally Superfruits

Locally Superfruits come in three new variants made from Philippine fruits:
Mangosteencredible – Heart Protector
Wondragonful – Wonder Detox
Passionastic – Sugar Buster

Mangosteencredible Locally Superfruits

Locally’s Mangosteencredible is made of mangosteen sourced from Davao.

Known as the “Queen of Fruits”, Mangosteen has been used as a natural medicine for centuries in Southeast Asia because it contains powerful cardio-protective antioxidants called “xanthones”.

Mangosteen Fruit Juice Drink
Locally Mangosteencredible

Because mangosteen supports many vital functions of the body by eliminating free radicals and combats inflammation of cells, it has been known to fight different stages of cancer, acne and allergies.

Wondragonful Locally Superfruits

Locally’s Wondragonful is made of dragon fruit sourced from Baler, Nueva Ecija and Isabela.

Containing many vitamins and minerals, dragon fruit supports a healthy and well-functioning body. It also has a prebiotic effect, nourishing bacteria in the gut and enhances digestion.

Rich in antioxidants, dragon fruit neutralizes free radicals in the body that cause cell damage, which makes it perfect in combating gout and arthritis.

Passiontastic Locally Superfruits

Locally’s Passiontastic is made of passion fruit sourced from the Quezon Province.

A good source of potassium, passion fruit supports heart health and regulates blood pressure. It also has a low glycemic index, which helps improve insulin sensitivity to support blood sugar levels. There is absolute No Sugar Added.

Passion Fruit Juice Drink
Locally Passiontastic

Passion fruit also contains a lot of fiber, which helps regulate digestive system and gut health, preventing constipation and bowel disorders.

Rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants, passion fruit boosts immunity by protecting the body from free radicals that damage cells, as well as reduces cellular stress and inflammation.

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