Aojo Eyewear: Frames That Fits You

Aojo Eyewear (pronounced “Oh-Joe”) is a Hong Kong brand with over 500 stores worldwide and 7 stores in the Philippines. Miguel and I visited one of its newest branches in SM North EDSA Annex when he visited Manila in search of stylish quality shades and prescription glasses.

Aojo has a viarety of optical frames made with plastic, metal, acetate, and hybrid metal acetate. Some of their designs are exclusive to Manila. We especially loved the retro designs that are trending these days. Aojo frames range from PHP 3,990 to PHP 4,990 and come with multi-coated lens, multiple tests and trusted eye-pinion. Add-ons: Digital Lens (PHP 990), Digital Plus aka Lutina (PHP 1,990), Tinted (PHP 2,990), Photochromatic (PHP 1,990+).

I had lasik in 2015 which improved my vision from a grade of – 3.5 to a perfect and, in fact, over-corrected 20/15. However, I suspected that my vision has degraded since due to spending so much time in front of my laptop or phone lately. We went through a series of rigorous eye tests at Aojo. It wasn’t just a simple test with the hot air balloon in the distance, and that was why we felt that Aojo provides quality service through its accuracy and precision in measurements and prescription of eyewear that #FitsYou.

Digital Plus

I found out that I still had perfect vision, but I also discovered that our eyes still need protection because of the HEV light and blue light that our devices emit. They can affect the health of the eyes which can be measured though the lutein levels, ranging from 0.0 to 1.0 with 1 being the highest. Mine was 0.4 to 0.5 which is pretty bad. Lutein degenerates over time through age, genetics, stress and overexposure to UV, HEV and blue light. While it doesn’t regenerate on its own, lutein can be replenished through greens and supplements but must be coupled with prevention through protective eyewear. Aojo is one of the few stores that offer Digital Plus or HEV lens in Manila, which protects lutein.

Aojo Returns Policy

30 days free lens exchange for discomfort on grade with free exchange of lens. 360 days warranty for manufacturer’s defect. Lifetime free service on adjustment of screws and nosepads.

Aojo SM North EDSA Branch

Location: 2/F SM City North Edsa Annex, EDSA cor North Ave., Bago Bantay, Quezon City

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