VitaKeratin: 1-Minute Conditioner


I’ve been perming and coloring my hair for five years now, and I’ve seen how the quality of my hair has degraded, mostly because of digi perm. (I use L’oreal hair color, which is perfectly fine for my hair.) Because of this, it’s imperative for me to use conditioner every few days if not every day, but I honestly don’t have the time to let the conditioner sit due to my busy schedule.

I’ve tried a lot of high-end conditioners from the big brands. While they work and they take effect within minutes, they also leave a waxy film that causes the hair to feel heavy and take a while to dry up.

My friend got me to try VitaKeratin. I was skeptical at first when I saw its claim to work within 1 minute, believing it would leave the same heavy layer on my hair strands as the popular brands. However, I was proven wrong when I started to blow dry my hair. Apart from working well within a minute of application, it made my hair bouncy after it dried up.

VitaKeratin is vitamin-infused and keratin-powered. It comes in 2 variations:
-Ultra-Rich Shine for Straight and Smooth Hair (Keratin + Vitamin B5 with Rose Oil)
-Deep Repair for Dry and Damaged Hair (Keratin + Vitamin E with Argan Oil)

Overall, I’m kind of happy with VitaKeratin. It’s only PHP 6 per 20 mL sachet and is available in their online store for PHP 72 per dozen sachets in their Facebook Page or on Shopee.

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