Baby Foot Exfoliation for the Feeling of Newborn Skin


After my accident in Soccoro last June, I didn’t step on my injured foot for over a week. My foot was elevated most of the time to reduce the inflammation, and it wasn’t allowed to get wet either. My bandaged foot didn’t see the light of day until the wrap was removed 10 days later. I was advised that the stitches could come off and that I could get my foot wet, but not completely soaked. A few days later, I noticed that the skin started to peel like crazy after getting my foot wet for the first time (Powdery Peeling)! It looked kind of like Terry cloth. Super gross. After that, I felt that I still had dead skin. Meanwhile, the skin under my other foot had hardened because I put most of my weight on it while standing and hobbling.

There are 5 Types of Peeling
1. Powdery Peeling – Skin peels off like powder.
2. Flaky Peeling – Bigger piece of dead skin flakes off like dirt.
3. Scaly Peeling – Looks like scales.
4. Zurumuke Peeling – Peeling like molting of the animal.
5. Super Zurumuke – Dead skin peels of as one sheet of skin. Some times there is a pocket formed between peeled skin and the new skin.

It was very timely that Beauty Box Corp. sent me a Japanese foot exfoliation brand called Baby Foot! It’s like a face mask for the feet, except it’s a boot. You simply have to snip the top and stick your foot in it. Within 20-25 minutes I started to feel the warmth crawl around my foot. I took it off after I completed 30 minutes and rinsed in the shower.

The Baby Foot exfoliating mask is a super effective feet exfoliating solution with immediate effects! By the end of the day, a layer of dead skin in certain areas just came off after a long day of walking (Zurumuke Peeling). That evening, the skin on my feet felt elastic and dry. Every twist and flex caused the skin to crease.

Effective Foot Exfoliation, Baby Foot Soothing Gel, Baby Foot Exfoliating Mask, Beauty Box Corp
1 Day after Baby Foot

The following day, the skin on the entirety of my feet started to crack like a winter melon (Flaky and Scaly Peeling). Entire strips of skin started to come off. It was sooo satisfying to peel them off bit by bit. The molting normally takes about a week to finish.

Effective Foot Exfoliation, Baby Foot Soothing Gel, Baby Foot Exfoliating Mask, Beauty Box Corp
2+ Days after Baby Foot

For post-exfoliation care, I applied the water-based Baby Foot Smoothing Gel. My feet felt so fresh and hydrated! I’ve got a newborn baby’s soft and smooth feet thanks to Baby Foot!

Baby Foot Soothing Gel, Baby Foot Exfoliating Mask, Beauty Box Corp
Baby Foot Soothing Gel

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