Goju Drinks: with Natural Fruit Infusion!


Vida Nutriscience Inc. brings us a refreshing and nutritious concoction from Spain. Infused naturally with fruits, Goju Drinks (or “Go-Juice”) comes in 5 flavors, each of which is represented by an animal and has different health benefits.

Goju Drinks, Vida Nutriscience Inc., Guju Natural Fruit Infusion
Goju Drinks

Mango Orange

Symbolizing strength, introspection, spiritual journey and health, the Bear represents this refreshingly sweet and zesty drink. Mango Orange boosts immunity, improves digestion, helps improve vision, assists in weight loss, and promotes better skin.

Raspberry Lemonade

Swift and full of energy, the Horse best represents Raspberry Lemonade. The citrus-y, berry-licious juice promotes blood circulation, fights inflammation, aids digestion, boosts energy, and keeps the kidney and urinary tract clean.


Represented by the wise and perceptive Owl, the Lemonade Goju boosts the body’s metabolism and defense system. It is good in keeping energy up and promoting weight loss, as well as keeping the kidney and urinary tract clean.

Goju Drinks, Vida Nutriscience Inc., Guju Natural Fruit Infusion
Goju Lemonade


A strong, powerful leader, the Lion embodies the classic Goju drink. Containing vitamin C, the Orange flavor boosts the immune system, maintains blood pressure, contains healing properties, and reduces the risk of heart attack.

White Peach Passion Fruit

This is my personal favorite! The Turtle stands for longevity and the art of grounding. Much like the oldest symbol of Mother Nature, the White Peach Passion Fruit contains essential properties in staying healthy. Rich in vitamin A, this Goju drink enhances bone health, skin hydration, digestion and blood circulation.

Each can is available at major supermarkets at PHP 39/330mL SRP, and an entire case of 24 cans is worth PHP 936 SRP.


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