Siquijor Guide: Things to Do in Siquijor Island (Sample Itinerary)


Day 1

San Juan, Siquijor

Paliton Beach Coconut Grove: It doesn’t come as a surprise to find that Coconut Grove was exactly that. Paliton beach is short and has a small shoreline, but the coconut grove provides a certain charm to an otherwise unremarkable beach. While the small beach of Paliton had fine white sand, it was littered with seaweed. No one seems to be maintaining it, which is probably why there’s no entrance fee.

Parts of the beach are hidden, and after a certain point it connects with another beach of a private resort.

Trike Expenses:
-Dumaguete Aiport to Dumaguete Sea Port (PHP 100/trip)
-Siquijor Port to Kamp Aninipot (PHP 150/trip)
-Kamp Aninipot to Paliton Beach (PHP 600/round trip)

Accommodation: Kamp Aninipot, Siquijor (PHP 650++/night)

Day 2

Lazi, Siquijor

Fish Spa at Old Balete Tree (free): The ancient balete tree has a spring well filled with Doctor Fish. They swarmed over Miguel’s feet but only a handful nibbled at mine. I guess I have relatively clean feet! There were also a few big ones that loomed underneath.

The souvenir shops sell voodoo dolls (PHP 160 large, PHP 35 or PHP 100/3 pcs small), love potions or gayuma (PHP 200/bottle) and other herbal cures.

San Isidro Labrador Convent

Cambughay Falls (PHP 100/person): To get to Cambughay Falls, we had to climb down 137 steps. There were 2 swinging decks. You can pay PHP 50 at each platform for unlimited swings. Life vests can be rented for PHP 100 but are not necessary. You can hire a tour guide to take your photos for you. We just paid the lady manning one of the swinging platforms PHP 100 to take our photos for us.

Maria, Siquijor

Salagdoong Beach Cliff Diving: Salagdoong Beach Cliff Diving has 1 water slide and 2 diving platforms, but all of it was closed due to low tide. Frankly, I was relieved. The fine white sand gradually becomes coarse towards the sea at the small beach. There’s an Entrance Fee of PHP 25/person + PHP 5/person compulsory red cross donation.

Tulapos Marine Sanctuary: The last stop was a piece of beach with better fine white sand and a mangrove forest called Tulapos Marine Sanctuary. It’s got shallow waters but lots of seaweed, so instead of swimming, we just had a snack at the local shack: Pan Bisaya’s Pan de Coco (PHP 8/piece).

Trike Expenses:
Island tour (PHP 1000/trip)
Siquijor to San Juan (PHP 200/trip)
Accommodation: Bruce, San Juan (PHP 750++/night

Day 3

We arrived at a hillside house with the entire family there. They had pet rabbits, ducks, dogs and probably a pig somewhere. Minutes later, the manghihilot in the family arrived. She was a healthy-looking middle-aged woman.

Miguel went first. He was smoked on a chair (incense placed underneath a seat with holes) with a blanket covering him up like in the parlor. Then went on for around 5 minutes before she proceed to hilot or massage him with oil. She kneaded his shoulders and back, removing all the lamig. As an added service, she read his palm, and he says that she’s 98% accurate. She did all those to me too, and I was most excited about the palm reading. She was soooo right about my personality. I’m still skeptical about the future but that remains to be seen. She served us some tea that helps with digestion. I had super smooth bowel movement for 3 days after that!

Healers aren’t really allowed to charge a fee, but they take donation. We gave a total of PHP 700 for the both of us, which should be more than enough for the various services she offered.

After that, our kuya trike driver dropped us off at the Siquijor Port where we took the boat back to Dumaguete. Once again, we got duped when we got to Dumaguete. Trike driver wearing the official vest from the tourism office wanted to charge us PHP 60 from the port to the boulevard just 2 mins away. Locals said it only cost PHP 10/person. He also charged us PHP 100 from the port to The Flying Fish Hostel though it should have only cost PHP 50 per trip.

San Juan to Healing Site to Siquijor Port (PHP 700/round trip)
Dumaguete Port to The Flying Fish Hostel (PHP 50/trip)
The Flying Fish Hostel to Paseo Boulevard (PHP 10/person)

Accommodation: The Flying Fish Hotel, Dumaguete (PHP 1000++/night)


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