Maya Hotcake Art at The Maya Kitchen


For decades, MAYA has been a Filipino household brand for hotcakes including the Maya Original Hotcake Mix. Their sweet, fluffy hotcake mix is the best kind of pancake batter to use for hotcake art! We were invited to Maya Hotcake Art at The Maya Kitchen in Makati, where YouTuber Ell Jay Orbase (#ThePancakeWarrior) did a pancake art demo with He used the Maya Original Fluffy n’ Tasty Hotcake Mix and the Maya Quick n’ Easy Hotcake Mix. He showed us how to do an emoticon, a panda and everyone’s favorite, lovable pokemon: Pikachu. He made it look really easy!

Ingredients and Equipment for Maya Hotcake Art

-MAYA Hotcake Mix
-Canola Oil
-Assorted Food Coloring
-Chocolate chip, sprinkles, etc.
-Easy Squeeze Bottles (Fine Tip and Regular Tip)
-Electric Stove
-Non-stick Frying Pan

Tips for Success in Pancake Art

  1. Use a non-stick frying pan. Just to be safe, smear some cooking oil on it before you get started. It’s best to use regular cooking oil because it’s lightly colored, unlike butter.

  2. Outlining is important. Using a fine-tipped easy squeeze bottle is key. For filling in, use regular-tipped squeezy bottles.

  3. Don’t turn on the pan until you’re done outlining and coloring everything in. It’s better to use an electric stove so you can set the temperature to low heat. (Select the lowest if you can.)

  4. Food coloring is optional. You can use the original color of the pancake batter, but fry the parts at different rates. Heat the outline first, then switch off the stove before coloring in the rest of the picture. Once complete, switch the stove back on.

  5. Before flipping, test the sides. Leave the hotcake batter if it’s still gooey. If it has solidified, slide your spatula under the batter in one quick swipe, then flip it over.

Maya Hotcake Art, Maya Hotcake, Hotcake Art, Pancake Art, The Maya Kitchen
Maya Hotcake Art at The Maya Kitchen


We all got to make our own #MayaHotCakeArt with the tips from The Pancake Warrior. Who knew Maya had a penthouse with a massive kitchen class? I slightly burnt my rainbow unicorn, but it still turned out pretty ok!

Maya Hotcake Art, Maya Hotcake, Hotcake Art, Pancake Art, The Maya Kitchen
Maya Hotcake Art at The Maya Kitchen

(Picture courtesy of Rudy M. Liwanag)

KQ Hotcake Art by Konyo Queen

Rainbow Unicorn Hotcake Art by Konyo Queen

Doraemon Hotcake Art by Myke Easy


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