#BestMeEver Of Positivity and Possibilities by Myke Celis


#BestMeEver can be your daily dose of positivity. It’s basically a book of inspirational quotes author Myke Celis picked up from his life experiences. They’re concise and aggressively positive.

Below are the quotes I have found most entertaining and memorable from the book:

  1. When doors close, other windows, doors and even the roof will open. If not, create your own door.
  2. You can’t please everyone. Don’t even try. But you can always please yourself by being your best.
  3. Your #bestmeever is no one else’s business.
#BestMeEver book review, Best Me Ever by Myke Celis, #bestmeever book of positivity and possibilities
Best Me Ever by Myke Celis

Raina and I took this book with us on our 10 hour trip to Calaguas, it was one things that kept us busy for the long haul. The book is peppered with good advice: some of which are relatable (to a certain degree) and amusing. I think the #BestMeEver is a book probably better off as an inspirational calendar where you can rip the pages off and pin your favorite ones on your dresser mirror. But hey, that’s just my honest opinion. I guess Myke and some people think they are better off having it all in a compact paper back so they can go back on ALL of the inspirational quotes.

#BestMeEver book review, Best Me Ever by Myke Celis, #bestmeever book of positivity and possibilities
#BestMeEver Book of Positivity and Possibilities

Myke Celis, is an M.A., C.M.P., a proud U.P. Diliman Alumnus, and a marketing and Advertising Practitioner for 16 years and counting. Currently, he is the Managing Director of PerCX Advertising, Events and Casting Agency. He’s also a part-owner of Smell Chic Home and Body Care Products, and The Hair Lounge Salon. Myke Celis loves to talk! Naturally, he’s a professional speaker at SMI Philippines and a part-time lecturer at Ateneo and DLSU Graduate School of Business. Prior to his latest work, he authored another self-help guide called “100 Life Lessons For Success: Shout Outs for One’s Sensibilities”.

#BestMeEver is set to hit your favorite book stores on October 2018. The book is designed with the intention to randomly blast you with positivity/advice, so if you often find yourself dragging your feet then this will be your go-to hand book for pick-me-ups.


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