10 Ways to Show a Foodie You Love Her

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Dating a foodie–or even a food blogger–can be tough at times, so you need to be patient with her. You will have to sacrifice some stuff–trivial stuff–but it will mean a lot to her!


When you give in to her choice of restaurant–something new and probably weird–even though you wanted to go to your favorite restaurant.

10 signs you know you're a blogger boyfriend, foodie,
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When you drive her to the said restaurant regardless of how far it is.

10 signs you know you're a blogger boyfriend, foodie, toilet restaurant


When you cancel your order so she can order what she wanted–some specialty that everyone is raving about. (You both know you can’t order too much because of large serving sizes.)


When you patiently wait for her to finish taking a bazillion shots before you can eat.

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When you agree to become her hand model as you fight off hunger, but you also want her to take an awesome photo for instagram.

10 signs you know you're a blogger boyfriend, foodie, chorizo risotto ball, melt grilled cheesery


When you let her have the last piece because you know she wants it.

Blogger boyfriend, omori curry, gyoza


When you force yourself to finish all the food even though you’re bursting at the seams because she ordered so much but only tried a few bites from each dish. (She brought you for this reason.)


When you corroborate her claim against the resto for bad service.

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When you pay for everything.

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When you’re the first to proofread her blog and tell her before anyone else sees the typo. If there are no errors, highlight your favorite part, preferably something at the end just so she knows you read the entire thing.

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