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I love okonomiyaki, a rare commodity in the Philippines. When I heard that a new Japanese resto specializing in authentic Japanese okonomiyaki had set up shop in Manila, I instantly set my mind to checking out the Dohtonbori Greenhills menu. It’s refreshing to have a new Japanese restaurant that isn’t about ramen!

Dohtonbori Greenhills is an okonomiyaki house straight out of Dōtonbori, a tourist destination in Osaka popular for the restaurants and the nightlife. Their mascot is a tanuki (raccoon dog) and, just like in Dōtonbori street, there are black tanuki footprints leading to the store. (In Japan, Osaka is known to specialize in okonomiyaki.)

Dohtonbori Philippines has 2 branches in Manila: Greenhills and SM North EDSA. I visited the prior with my family. We had to wait a while since they don’t accept reservations, so be sure to come early!

Japanese Grill, Okonomiyaki, Dohtonbori, Osaka, San Juan, 8 Missouri, Greenhills

Apart from okonomiyaki, Dohtonbori also serves other grilled dishes like yakisoba, yakiniku and monjayaki. The grilling is done on your table, so the dining here can either be a show or a DIY cooking experience. (We preferred the prior because we don’t know how to make okonomiyaki and might have undercooked it.) The Dohtonbori Greenhills menu is also great with Kubota Sake!

Dohtonbori Okonomiyaki

The Mixed Okonomiyaki (PHP 290) is made of pork, squid, shrimp, octopus, tempura bits, red pickled ginger, spring onion, egg, cabbage, and okonomiyaki paste. The classic okonomiyaki with seafood tasted authentic enough, and I was extremely relieved that the center wasn’t undercooked. I’d say the batter ratio was just right. Not too bready, not too thin.

Preparation Time: 10 mins

Hiroshima Yaki

The Hiroshima Yaki Mix (PHP 440) is made of pork, cabbage, bean sprouts, egg, tempura bits, spring onion, tororo-kombu (kelp), squid, shrimp, octopus, noodles and Hiroshima yaki paste. It’s basically okonomiyaki with yakisoba. It took the entire surface of the grill to make this, because it had to be prepared in parts. It also took the longest to prepare so we ordered some ready-to-eat dishes while waiting. Props to ate for the effort!

Preparation Time: 15 mins


The Four Cheese Monja (PHP 260) is made up of mozzarella, cheddar cheese, parmesan, mixed cheese, tomato, tempura bits, red pickled ginger, spring onion, cabbage, dried shredded squid and monja paste.

I didn’t really know about monjayaki until my cousin pointed it out. He has only ever seen it in an anime. It’s basically liquid okonomiyaki chopped into a pulp and eaten off the grill with a tiny spatula. Think of it as a Japanese fondue, except it’s usually eaten by kids. It’s really fun to do over a long conversation, because you have to continuously grill it bit by bit before eating. A lot of effort went into the chopping. There was even a rhythm in the way that ate chopped that it seemed like she was playing the drums!

Monjayaki Mix
Monjayaki Mix

Preparation Time: 10 mins



Preparation Time: 4 mins

Yaki Onigiri

Grilled rice balls with cheese ans miso sauce? The Yaki Onigiri looked really good because of all the melted cheese, but was quite simple in the afterthought. No regrets though!

Preparation Time: 5 mins.

Dohtonbori Ready-to-eat Menu (No grill)

While waiting for some of the dishes to grill, we tried out their ramen, which tasted ordinarily good.

Tonkotsu Ramen, Monjayaki, Japanese Grill, Okonomiyaki, Dohtonbori, Osaka, San Juan, 8 Missouri, Greenhills, Cheese
Tonkotsu Ramen (PHP 290) – Tonkotsu soup, noodles, chashu pork, cloud ear mushroom, spring onion, nori, garlic oil

We also got a classic favorite from their ippin (small dish) selection. Dohtonbori’s Chicken Karaage is really tender!

Fried Chicken Karaage, Japanese Grill, Okonomiyaki, Dohtonbori, Osaka, San Juan, 8 Missouri, Greenhills, Cheese
Tori Karaage (PHP 200)

The Dohtonbori Greenhills menu isn’t just about taste; it’s about having a fun dining experience as well. Extremely pleased by the selection! It’s good to know that there’s finally a place that makes okonomiyaki in Metro Manila!

Location: Cullinan Prime Building, 8 Missouri Street, Greenhills, San Juan City
Operating Hours: 11AM to 10PM Daily

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